How We Do Things Different with Buyers

We have a unique process when it comes to working with you as a buyer.  There’s so much more to it than simply waiting for the right house to come onto the market.

Here are some of the ways we operate differently that many other real estate consultants:

1) We only work with a limited number of buyers.  The most common thing we hear from buyers who have had a bad experience with a realtor in the past is that they felt their agent was too busy to give them undivided attention.  We limit the number of buyers we’re working with, so that you can be a priority.

2) We have a team.  A realtor who works alone can’t be everywhere at once.  With three realtors on out team, we can be. Think of it as having three full-time realtors working for you.

3) We have agents within our team who specialize in different types of property.  Most realtors have specific areas of expertise.  With our team, we have many.

4) We have the staff behind us to help in the more time-consuming ways of searching for properties that may not be on the open market.

5) We have many off-market avenues of finding properties that others don’t.  We use these sources for you.

6) We have experience.  Assignments, new construction, working with first-time buyers to career people to retirees.  We’re diverse and versatile.
7) Our surrounding network.  Mortgage brokers, banks, inspectors, tradespeople, lawyers and notaries are so important to your process, and we work with the best.

…Contact us if you’d like to discuss these or the other reasons why we’re the best team to help you find your next home!