Seller’s Guide

1) Call The Reimer Group!
You probably have a lot of questions.  So, let’s get you some answers.  We find that the buying process is the most enjoyable when everyone knows exactly what to expect.  We carefully treat our buyers like we do our own family, and our team’s knowledge and care will provide you with the comfort of having a team of experts on your side.  Let’s talk about costs that you need to prepare for, time lines, and the big-picture details.

2) Source Out Mortgage Options
We have connections to (and personal experience in) mortgage brokering as well.  We’ll point you in the best direction for financing, because different lenders specialize in certain types of mortgages and buyers.  Your own bank may not be your best option.

3) Mortgage Pre-Approval
Rounding up the right documentation for the bank or mortgage broker can take a noticeable amount of time.  You need to have this completed before you find the home you love, because we may not have the luxury of having much time to do this if a good deal comes up that’s right for you.

4) Find Out How Much You Can Spend
You’ll be in a stronger position to make a purchase once we know how much you’re approved for.  Many times, a few simple things you do can drastically change the price range in which you’ll be able to look.  Let’s get a pre-approval so that we have a reliable number to work with.

5) Assess Your Wants And Needs
Homes are getting more and more expensive.  Let’s figure out first what you absolutely need in a home.  These are our basic criteria.  Next, let’s figure out the things that are really important to you.  Finally, let’s figure out the “wish-list” things to look for.  Combined with the price range you’re looking in, this criteria will help us find you some options!

6) Start Shopping!
The part everyone looks forward to the most.  Let’s get out and start looking!  Let’s see a variety of places.  It’s possible you’ll see things that cause you to re-evaluate what you’re looking for.  We’ll probably see some places that pleasantly surprise you, and we’ll probably also see some that shock all of us a little.  It’s an exciting time, and we look forward to it!

7) Find Your Dream Home! 
Awesome!  We’ve found the place!  Now what?

8) Write Offer
There are so many things that play into structuring an offer.  There’s far more to it that simply price and moving dates.  There are terms, safeguards, protective measures, scenarios and what-ifs to consider and have provisions for.  This is one of our strongest skills that we put to work for you.

9) Presentation and Negotiation of Offer
As your representatives, you need to be confident that we can get you the best price possible.  There are many strategies for this, and the ones we use will depend on the situation.  An accepted offer means success!

10) Conduct Due Diligence
There are many things about the home that we need to investigate together to make sure everything’s alright.  We’ll explain to you what these things are, and we need to look into them.

11) Subject Removal and Deposit
This is where you’ll need to have your deposit ready.  This deposit forms part of your down payment.  Once we’ve done all the due diligence we need to on the place you’ve written the offer on, we remove all subjects and the deposit is paid and you’ve officially bought a home!

12) Completion Time
This is probably quite some time after the deposit is paid.  You’ll visit the office of the lawyer or notary working with us on your purchase in the days or weeks leading up to Completion, and you’ll sign papers with them to allow title to be transferred and a mortgage to be registered.

13) Possession Day! 
Probably moving day as well.  The keys are yours!  This is probably a day or two after Completion Day.

14) Housewarming Party!
Have your Realtors over and introduce us to your friends and family!