Buyer’s Guide

For many of us, nothing is more exciting than our first home purchase!  However, it can also be a very nervous experience if mishandled.  We realize that decisions, like your decision to buy a home, are always more scary if you have less information to help you make those decisions. And like most first-time buyers, you probably have some big questions, which may include:

1) I’m not even ready to buy my first home yet, but how I start preparing?
2) I think I’m finally ready, so what’s the first step now?  How do I even start?
3) How much down payment do I need?
4) What first-time buyer programs are available for me?
5) How do I get a mortgage?  Do I go to a bank, or a broker?
6) What are all the costs involved?  I’m scared of being surprised with a fee I didn’t expect.
7) What kind of home makes most sense for me?  I want to make a good investment decision.

8) What are the things to look out for?

9) Once I find a home I like, what other steps do I take after that?

10) What other things do I need to know and prepare for?

We work with a lot of first-time buyers like yourself, and we’re happy to sit down with you, even if you don’t see yourself buying something for a long time.  Forming the right plan can get you there quicker and can make the process more fun and less stressful!