How to Beat the Market as a Seller

People always want as much money for their home as possible, and these are some of the many things we do and can advise you on in helping you “Beat the Market” as a seller.

1) Properly setting up your property before it’s even on the market requires a strategy.  Perhaps a home inspection before we’re even on the market.  Proper photography, showcasing of unique features of the property, warranty/homebuilder documentation, awareness of any strata intricacies.  The list goes on.

2) Helping you accurately understand the conditions and trends of the market.  And not just the market for the type of property you’re selling, but understanding also the market of buyers looking for them.  And are you looking for another type of property at the same time that is currently trending differently from the type of property you’re selling?  It’s all in these details.

3) Navigating the situations that arise during the offer, negotiations or subject removal period.  Our connections with financing experts, legal and accounting professionals, contractors and trades, and many other specialists add to us being prepared for anything.

4) Properly evaluating the strength of your purchase beforehand.

5) Being the right negotiators for you.  We’ve taken training from all over the world, and in our years of experience, we know the subtleties surrounding how to maximize dissecting an offer, negotiating price/timeframes/terms.


6) Timing.  So often, timing plays a role in your bottom line financially.  We help guide you through that.

…Give us a call, and let’s discuss specifically for you how we plan to help you Beat the Market.