We’ve found that there are mainly two different types of home inspectors:

1) The first type are excellent at finding issues in the home: they have great all-around knowledge of what things to look for in homes built in different eras, and they rarely miss any of the things that you’ve hired them to find. They’re excellent detectives, but if you ask questions about how to rectify fairly generic and common issues, you’ll find that they have little first-hand knowledge or experience. I’m finding that these types of inspectors, although there’s nothing wrong with their service or abilities, are a good fit for only a small number of our clients – generally, the ones who are personally almost experienced enough to inspect the home themselves.

2) The second type, and the ones I find much more helpful to the majority of our clients, are the ones who find all the issues, but who also have thorough knowledge and expertise on what specific procedures and costs will be involved. Often times the pending offer on your purchase or sale is at a fairly time-sensitive (and possibly stressful) place when the home inspection is being done. The inspector you hire needs to deliver their findings to you in a way that properly informs you as the buyer on the severity/triviality of the deficiencies found and what exactly you need to prepare for in terms of cost and urgency to resolve them. Finding the problems aren’t good enough; what you really need are the solutions and numbers. For certain things (such as structural, electrical, gas, plumbing, etc.) you may want opinions from people in those industries, however, the right home inspector can likely help guide you if they’ve had hands-on experiences with similar issues.

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