While the most active time of year for new listings (and for the most buyers looking) remains the April to June stretch, we’ve seen more sellers each year try to get a jump on potential competing listings by getting onto the market first.

My recommendation this year is the OPPOSITE of what it was last year.  Last year, prices were rising and we were encouraging many of our clients to hold off a little before listing.
This year, my advice is to get onto the market as soon as possible!

As the ripple effect of the surprise changes the government brought in last year continues – and with the likelihood interest rates will rise – I expect that we’ll see a short window of time in the first part of this year where the market will still favor the seller. However, that will change once too many sellers get into the marketplace.  Typically, spring break for the school system is the time frame when the number of active listings increase.

We still see a group of buyers who have been searching for homes since before the holidays; the last buyers remaining from that crazy game of multiple offers and musical chairs that 2016 was. By getting onto the market by late-January or early-February, you’re grabbing the attention of the buyers who currently have few places to choose from and you can, in some ways, establish the price range for a home like yours because there are perhaps no other comparable places for sale in the area to state otherwise.

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